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Enterprise - All In

Enterprise support from enterprising people.

A purposely multi-age, multi-stage network building event.


Enterprise Rich are running their second entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs event. This is a pilot initiative funded by the Carnegie UK Trust.



Doctor Who Experience, Porth Teigr, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4GA


Everyone is welcome.

All audience members must come prepared to offer real help to others; be that contacts, resources or advice.

There will be positive discrimination towards a balanced gender and age split.

There will be positive discrimination towards those on the cusp of starting up or early stage entrepreneurship.

All audience members will get to network, ask for, and offer, support.

LLynau Mymbyr, Capel Curig - Photo by Simon Hawkins

Enterprise All In was created as a unique opportunity for enterprising people, from different stages of entrepreneurship and of differing ages, to meet, present and support each other.

The event itself will be interactive, fast-paced and the content generated by the audience. All the attendees must come open-minded with the intention of helping other businesses and other people.

We will deliberately select attendees from those that register to ensure a balance of age, stage and background. We are delighted to work with a variety of partners to ensure this positive mix.

All successful applicants will be contacted by Enterprise Rich. There is a £10 refundable fee to ensure commitment of the audience, you pay it in advance, you get it back on the day!


The beautiful photographs of the event location are kindly provided by Simon Hawkins. You can see more of his work at www.thedailycapture.com.


What is going on?

We’re running an event to help entrepreneurs in Wales support each other, develop strong networks and mix with other entrepreneurial people from outside of their usual sector.

The event is multi-age, multi-stage event, proactive targeting a mixed demographic.

This event is about entrepreneurs offering help to other entrepreneurs. Please come willing to offer knowledge, contacts, resources or experience. If we all give support, everyone gains.

Why are you bothering?

We’re trailing an idea of multi-stage, multi-age enterprise events where entrepreneurs support each other.

Both Enterprise Rich and Carnegie UK (more info in the final question on these two) are driven to test new ideas and look for innovative methods of having a positive social impact. We’re interested to see if an event of this kind is needed, has a positive impact and offers something new that no one else is doing

Who can attend?


We are working with our partners (listed in the final question) to ensure a wide mix of participants. We will positively discriminate and target our messages to ensure a balance of gender, age, background and business stage. That’s the point of the event.

There is a registration process to allow us to balance the participant group as best we can. (more information on this below).

How do I register interest?

You can go to the registration page and you can also contact Richard Strudwick at richard[at]enterpriserich.co.uk or @enterpriserich if your questions aren’t answered here.

What are the selection criteria?

It’s simple.

We want a mix of participants from different backgrounds, stages and ages. We want all participants to be prepared to offer help, to speak up, to engage and to listen.

Does it cost me?

It costs £10 to register but that money is refunded on attendance. Places are limited so we need to ensure that everyone who books to attend takes up their place.

What do I do now?

Register here or drop Richard an email if you prefer at richard[at]enterpriserich.co.uk

Who are you guys?

The initial event has been created by Richard Strudwick of Enterprise Rich Ltd supported by the Carnegie Trust UK. We’ve teamed up because of a mutual passion for empowering self-starters and an interest in testing different ideas that generate positive social impacts. Supporting the development of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial communities in North Wales is our focus for this event.

We’ve consulted with and been supported by a wide number of organisations, Young Enterprise, Indycube, the Princes Trust Wales, Welsh ICE, Welsh Gov, Cazbah, Menter a Busnes, Cardiff Start, NESTA, Big Ideas Wales and the British Venture Capitalist Association. Our thanks to all of them.


Richard Strudwick

e: richard[at]enterpriserich.co.uk

twitter: @enterpriserich

skype: richard.strudwick

linkedin: richardstrudwick

t: +44 (0)7941 668 174